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L.P. - I would like to say that since coming to Bright Futures, I feel like I can finally let out the deep breath that I've been holding in for years!  Dr. and Mrs. Lockett have really been godsends.  I feel like I have a safe, non-judgmental place that I can share my thoughts and feelings with and get constructive criticism and tools to help me navigate through all of those thoughts and feelings.  

I've tried counseling before, but never had the kind of ease and comfort that I have when in a session with the Locketts. I thoroughly appreciate the team effort on their part.  It allows me to have the accountability and nurturing that I need to get through whatever situation is hindering my growth. 

I would recommend the Locketts to anyone seeking to get to the root of their issue and coming to terms with how to handle it and move forward.  Some of my other reasons for praising the Locketts at BFF Counseling:

Scheduling - will work with you to try and accommodate your schedule ** Wait time - minimal wait time, if any at all ** Level of service - exceptional, they are knowledgeable, caring, and professional

K&D: Over the last three years, my family and I have been so grateful for such a precious woman as Crystal Lockett-Thomas. Crystal's knowledge, communication, personality, confidentiality, name only a few, has made a great impact on our entire family. My daughter was 16/17 at the time we first started seeing Crystal. My son (now 17), and most recently my husband and I have seen Crystal individually and as a couple. We have brought multiple issues to Crystal and she has exceeded, above and beyond, in every area with lasting results. The education and experience that Crystal has attained, in multiple areas of life, has made her invaluable to our family. Without Crystal, we would not be the same family as we are today!

J&M C.: In a short period of time, Dr. Lockett and his wife had such a positive impact and influence on our life. His passion for God and for sharing his faith, wisdom, and his overall love for his patients was infectious. I am thankful for the short period of time that I was able to experience with him. The positive impact that he had on so many people is rare. Heaven was just upgraded!! 

TGH: James can do no wrong. 

R&J: Everything was wonderful 😃

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