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Image result for volcano effectCombating the Volcano Effect


- This group is aimed at helping males understand how communication and the lack thereof impacts angry behaviors. This problem is pervasive and often affects males at every level of life. For instance, divorce, inability to maintain healthy relationships, bullying, strong-willed behaviors, defiance, depression, low self-image, educational deficits and substance use disorder are a few examples of the issues surrounding non-vocal males. The issues begins early in life! This group will address the problem proactively.

Of all male inmates in the criminal justice system more than two-thirds are incarcerated for violent crimes. Why were these men so angry? I'm glad you asked. Perhaps their communication patterns influenced anger, hopelessness and rage. In many cases, these men and teens had an angry overreaction to a simple situation that could have been resolved with WORDS. 

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It is true: MEN DON'T TALK!  

This group sets out to change this dynamic in men, adolescents and boys; thereby, eliminating problems associated with lack of effective communication and healthy self-expression. 

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